Bring your attraction to the living room with our new Virtual Reality Goggles

April 3rd 2020
  • Bring your attraction to the living room with our new Virtual Reality Goggles

Virtual Reality has been big in gaming and experiences for a while now with companies like Oculus Rift leading the charge. Google and other companies developed a cardboard option that could be used with mobile phones to give people the same experience.


With the current situation, attractions are looking at ways to maintain interest and connections with their customers, there have been live streams of animals on Facebook and 360° rides on YouTube to keep the nation entertained whilst at home. Virtual Reality videos and channels are becoming more and more popular, especially in the current climate, and it doesn’t have to be expensive to create these videos, a lot of them can be filmed on your mobile if you have the right apps, or you could invest a small budget in a relatively cheap 360° camera.

To enhance the experience for your customers, we have developed our own Card VR Goggles that can be branded as your own VR goggles. The QR code on the side can be set to a specific link, e.g. your own 360° YouTube channel, taking your customers directly to your virtual attraction. These goggles are for all ages, from young children to adults. They are easily assembled as they come flat packed and therefore can be posted out directly to customers.

These Card VR Goggles can help you to keep your audience engaged during this period. They can be used to launch a promotion that may have had to be delayed due to the government restrictions, e.g. an Easter promotion, or you may have already uploaded Virtual or 360° videos.  These Card VR goggles can enhance those videos, as it focuses the customer on the video, without being distracted by their surroundings, so it creates an immersive experience for the customer, fully engaging them with your attraction. It would be ideal to either offer the goggles as part of a package to purchase a ticket for later in the year or a membership, or if a customer purchases the VR goggles, they have a discount for a ticket or membership. This would bring in income now, and in the future, and create a return customer.

With attractions being currently closed, a lot of our customers have been telling us they need to find different ways to encourage their customers to visit and return to the attractions later in the year. We have always talked about how giveaways are great reminders to encourage customers to become return customers. The Card VR Goggles are a great reminder, as they can be used time and time again, now whilst everyone is at home, and in the future. We have found with keeping your brand at the forefront of your customers mind, they are more likely to return to your venue.

At MEDAEO we ensure we provide the best quality products. The Card VR Goggles have high quality lenses for sharp and contrasting images, the cardboard used is slim, but sturdy so these are not heavy for children to hold, but are also robust. The plastic eyehole surround ensures safety from any sharp edges near children’s eyes.

Ideally, your customers would keep these Card VR Goggles, however if once attractions are open again the customer chooses not to, these goggles are fully recyclable, helping you to meet your sustainable goals.

This is a brand new product we have sourced in wake of the current global situation, so if you would like to maintain interest with your customers now, during this crisis, get in touch today and be first in line to get these goggles printed to your specifications and out to your customers to keep them entertained and your attraction at the forefront of their mind so they can return to you later in the year.

Get in touch with us to find out what we can do for you!

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