Calling time on single use plastic

November 1st 2019
  • Calling time on single use plastic

Cheap, light and versatile – it’s little wonder that plastic has become a hugely popular choice for the manufacture of all sorts of goods, not least rewards and souvenirs in tourist and visitor attractions.


But plastic is under the spotlight now as never before, because of the environmental impact of the processes used to create it, the amount of it that gets dumped every year, and the fact that once disposed of, most plastics will never decompose. The UK alone produces over 5 million tonnes of plastic waste every year and only around 30% of that is successfully recycled.

For many of our clients, this is a very real concern. Public awareness around single use plastic is greater than ever before, which ramps up the pressure to take action. For others, environmental sustainability goes right to the heart of their corporate ethos. Finding eco-friendly alternatives to the plastic giveaways and souvenirs that have flooded the market for decades has hitherto been a real challenge.

Over the last number of years MEDAEO has been watching demand for eco giveaways and branded merchandise grow steadily. We’ve made it our mission to provide leadership for our clients on planet-friendly alternatives that enhance the customer experience while also making a strong statement about their environmental ethos.

We’re relishing the opportunity to push the boundaries, from creating premium items that won’t end up in landfill, to producing fully biodegradable giveaways that help to reinforce our clients’ ecological messaging. Check out our recent work for Sea Life Germany, the National Trust and the Cornish Seal Sanctuary – all of whom promote conservation messages that were previously being undermined by their use of plastic souvenirs.

Of course, our environmental efforts go further than what we do for clients. Closer to home we’re working really hard to tread lighter by eliminating unnecessary packaging from our supply chain as much as possible.  Our samples are now sent out in cotton bags within a recycled brown box, and we’re currently investigating plant-based packaging alternatives to replace all the single use plastic in our orders!

We don’t claim to be perfect – but we’re making progress all the time and helping our clients to do the same.  Together, we know we can make a real difference for the future of our planet.  Why not give us a call on +44 (0)1733 396088 or email us on to find out more, and set your business on a more sustainable path?

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