Is your venue appealing to the right audience?

November 2nd 2019
  • Is your venue appealing to the right audience?

If you operate a theme park, chances are you spend a fair chunk of your marketing budget targeting children, teenagers – and of course, the parents holding their purse strings.

But a recent report investigating global trends in the theme park market suggests that if you’re overlooking young adults in your marketing strategy, you could be missing a very lucrative trick.


The rise of the so-called ‘Millennials’ is creating an interesting proposition for theme parks and other attractions.  This group – comprising those born between 1980 and 2000 – now makes up a quarter of the UK population and research shows they’re more career driven, less family orientated and have more disposable income than any generation before them.  What’s more, many have grown up very quickly in a fast-moving, brand driven online world – leading them to seek out nostalgic experiences that allow them to be a ‘big kid’ once in a while.

Traditionally theme parks have been targeted towards the 0-14 age range, but the Global Amusement Park Market 2017-2021 report states that theme parks with their finger on the pulse are moving their focus towards older age groups keen to spend their money on life experiences rather than possessions.

Part of their strategy is tapping into this generation’s thirst for brands they recognise, with attractions themed around current TV shows and films – for example, Universal Studios reported that between 2014 and 2016, almost half of attendees were millennials with domestic footfall exceeding that of tourism.

This digital generation also love to take photos and share their experiences online, with social media check-ins and selfies taken at ‘on trend’ locations having a powerful influence on their peers to follow suit.

So, how can you support the growth of this market within your venue?

The first thing to ask is, are you giving millennials what they want?  Badges, stickers and pencils might not cut the mustard – but wristbands, lanyards and eco-friendly items are sure to tap into this generation’s desire to wear their brands on their sleeve, while opportunities to join in with an online community via hashtags or QR codes adds another dimension to the experience.

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