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Our 5 Pillars

Supporting Success

Our commitment to these core values is what makes us and our products unlike anything else on the market, and what attracts forward-thinking businesses to partner with us.

Everything we do at MEDAEO is underpinned by our five key pillars – the foundation stones of our ethos.

Our 5 pillars


For promotional giveaways and souvenirs to do their job properly, they need to stand out from the crowd. Offering products that are a little bit different, or perceived as being higher in value, increases the likelihood that the end user will retain, reuse or share the item with others – which ramps up your brand reach exponentially.

At MEDAEO, there’s no such thing as ‘standard’. We pride ourselves on looking at each and every product enquiry through fresh eyes, identifying opportunities for our clients to obtain a point of difference or do something quirky to make their attraction stand out.

It could be something really simple, like a bespoke colour match on a badge or lanyard, or something complex like creating a medallion with moving parts, or a coin with a funky rubberised coating. The key point to make is that we don’t really believe in impossible – and when our customers ask us for extraordinary, that’s what we try to achieve!

Our 5 pillars


Until now, promotional giveaways have been regarded as ‘disposable’ – low quality, throwaway items whose value ceases to exist very shortly after the customer has gone home. At MEDAEO, we think that’s misguided on two levels. First of all, if you give your customers ‘junk’, what does that say about your values as a company? Does it tell them that your brand is valuable? Does it say that you care about their enjoyment, even after they’ve gone home? We don’t think so!

And then there’s the environmental impact. Single use items that are discarded just as quickly as they’re picked up are flooding into landfills and the ocean at an astonishing rate. We all recognise that we can’t carry on like this – and at MEDAEO, we’re trying to do something about it. By producing premium products that last, with functional or collectible appeal, we can prolong the life of rewards and giveaways long after the customer has taken them home. And by making our products biodegradable or recyclable, we’re ensuring their life cycle isn’t over even if they’re eventually disposed of.

We compete on quality, not price, which means you get the best possible value for money on merchandise that creates an outstanding impression.

Our 5 Pillars


We go the extra mile on quality to ensure our promotional giveaways last and don’t end up in the bin as soon as the customer arrives home – but we also understand that not every customer is going to hold onto these freebies and souvenirs in the medium to long term.

When developing MEDAEO’s ethos, it was therefore important for us to consider the environmental sustainability of our products and respond to our customers’ demand for items that help them to meet their own sustainability targets.

We’ve worked hard to identify areas where we can improve – both in terms of the products we supply, and our own business practices. We’re very proud to say that we offer a range of sustainable products made from biodegradable or recyclable materials – this includes wristbands made from cotton, metal badges, medallions and coins, and recyclable plastic badges.

Our 5 Pillars

Easy Ordering

When you’re working hard to ensure your visitors have a great time, there aren’t enough hours in the day! For many managers and staff working in hectic, customer facing environments, it’s a struggle to find the time even to reorder existing products, never mind develop new ones.

At MEDAEO, we understand the pressures our clients face and we’ve developed a tailored service to make it simple and stress free for them to commission, order and restock promotional items. Right from the initial enquiry, our customers are supported by a knowledgeable, friendly team equipped to help with product selection, customisation and NPD when required.

We pride ourselves on personal service, assigning an account manager to each client and offering phone support throughout the ordering process – not a faceless web experience. For reorders, we’ve developed a simple interface whereby clients can complete an online form, select a delivery date and receive their products on time – leaving them free to get on with the real work of ensuring their patrons have a great time!

Our 5 Pillars

New product development

When it comes to the perfect day out, one size doesn’t fit all – so why offer your customer a mass-produced souvenir they could get anywhere? Smart visitor attractions are realising that getting the edge over the competition is all about making their customer feel valued, and offering something they won’t see elsewhere. At MEDAEO, we have over 25 years’ experience in new product development for premium brands around the world and we’re firmly plugged into the latest emerging trends and technologies.

We can help you to source the perfect product to dovetail with your offering – and if that product doesn’t exist, we’ll help you to create it! Our extensive network of manufacturers enables us to push the boundaries and create premium, desirable promotional giveaways and rewards your customer will love to collect, keep and even swap to complete their collection – all whilst maintaining a strong ethical and environmental commitment.

Nothing gets our creative juices flowing like an unusual or challenging brief – contact us today to discuss yours!

“The medallions that we ordered from MEDAEO this summer have been a great success. The children on the Island are really proud to wear them to the Zoo and are something that they can wear more than once and they last well. It’s also great that we could order them in the colours which match our logo.”

A new chapter for Medaeo, we are now a brandart company find out more