A new chapter for Medaeo, we are now a brandart company find out more


Experiences to share

MEDAEO offers a wide range of joy-sparking keepsakes and souvenirs designed to evoke memories of their time at your venue, while putting your brand front and centre as your customers travel on to other destinations, or home to share their experiences with family and friends.

We also have a range of collectible and reusable designs aimed at encouraging your customers to return to your venue, or to enrich their experience by partaking in the added extras on offer while they’re there. This might include coin tokens for free refreshments, wristbands for discounted entry, or limited edition collectible pins to swap and share!

Experiences to treasure

As a busy visitor attraction, you work hard to give your customers an experience to remember for a long while. Memories are magical, but they also fade quickly – so what better way to keep a wonderful experience fresh in their minds than with premium quality giveaways they’ll treasure with a smile?

Who are our customers?

We’re proud to work alongside some of the world’s highest profile visitor attractions. Check out our latest case studies below to learn more about how we helped our customers to achieve their goals…


“So far we have had the medals since the start of July, our secondary spend in July and so far in August has increased by 80-100% respectively, compared to year to date before the medals were introduced. We have sold over 1000 medals so far which is over £1000 additional secondary revenue in under 2 months”

Tom Middleton, Pirate Adventure Golf

A new chapter for Medaeo, we are now a brandart company find out more