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Quality Control


Our quality control process begins with product development, as we explore solutions that meet the client brief while assessing any potential production snags or risks presented by the design.

Later, product samples are exhaustively tested to ensure performance, functionality, safety and durability. Where requested, the services of specialist laboratories and recognised industry standard testing will be contracted.

Once a product is approved, we safeguard its quality by randomly selecting samples from across every production batch.  These are compared against an approved sample to ensure the agreed standard is met. In the rare event that a problem arises, MEDAEO’s robust Quality Non-Conformance (QNCF) procedure is triggered. This involves detailed liaison with all parties to ensure swift and satisfactory resolution of any quality issues.

The quality of MEDAEO’s products is a key element of what makes our business unique.  In a throwaway world, we dare to be different because we believe that premium rewards make for premium visitor experiences – and quality products that can be retained and treasured aren’t just good for marketing, they’re good for the planet too.


Quality doesn’t begin and end with our products, either.  We’re constantly striving to improve our own processes and we are proud to say that MEDAEO is accredited to ISO9001 for quality management.

Check out our case studies to see how we can make every day an excellent one for you!

“The bespoke tokens we received are of the highest quality and have driven my business forward as we increase our loyalty base, and in just 3 months we have generated over 100 new customers as well as rewarding our current visitors. I will certainly be using Signet again for any future promotions.”

A new chapter for Medaeo, we are now a brandart company find out more