Case Studies

National Trust ’50 Things’ Medals

As well as preserving our built heritage, the National Trust aims to protect the environment in the most fundamental of ways – by helping younger generations to fall in love with it! Their ‘50 things to do before you’re 11 ¾’ initiative champions health, exercise and a love of the outdoors and is promoted via […]


Sea Life Medals

Sea Life attractions had historically used paper stickers as rewards for children completing their in-venue quiz trails – but as use of these trails as a method for promoting engagement within a visitor attraction increases, so too does the visitor’s expectation – and Sea Life began to find that younger patrons looked underwhelmed when presented […]


Cornish Seal Sanctuary Wooden Badges & Medals

These new products have recently been added to the MEDAEO range and are a clear example of our commitment to the development of sustainable alternatives, driven by demand from clients such as the Cornish Seal Sanctuary, which has a clear commitment to the health of our oceans. Medals and pop badges are two of our […]