National Trust ’50 Things’ Medals

As well as preserving our built heritage, the National Trust aims to protect the environment in the most fundamental of ways – by helping younger generations to fall in love with it!

Their ‘50 things to do before you’re 11 ¾’ initiative champions health, exercise and a love of the outdoors and is promoted via a series of interactive play trails at National Trust venues.  With various trail sheets to complete and incentives along the way, when kids complete all 50 things they are rewarded with a truly special medal – and the Trust approached MEDAEO for help with producing an eco-friendly medal that would dovetail with the overall ethos of the project.

We developed these unique medals from coconut shell, a waste product with all the qualities required to make strong, sustainable medals that are cost-effective. We conducted a full prototyping process to ensure the safety, practicality and aesthetic success of the finished item, which is now in use across a number of NT sites.




National Trust