Sea Life Medals

Sea Life attractions had historically used paper stickers as rewards for children completing their in-venue quiz trails – but as use of these trails as a method for promoting engagement within a visitor attraction increases, so too does the visitor’s expectation – and Sea Life began to find that younger patrons looked underwhelmed when presented with a flimsy sticker for all their fact-finding work!

Sea Life asked MEDAEO to come up with a higher value reward and we were happy to oblige with the creation of a unique gold medal, embossed on both sides and suspended from a quality ribbon lanyard, giving children a real sense of achievement that transformed their experience at a very economical price to the venue.

We were delighted to receive the following comments from the client:

“Kids went away with smiles on their faces”….

”the staff had a greater opportunity to interact with the children”

“These medals are the ideal KPI score booster”…

“I can’t emphasize enough how successful our trial run has been, children and parents alike have been leaving with smiles on their faces on being ‘awarded’ their medals; before when handing out the stickers there was a definite sense of disappointment.” 



Sea Life