Fire Fighters Charity Race Medal

The Fire Fighters Charity is a UK organisation that supports both active and retired fire service personnel who experience injury, trauma or mental health issues as a result of their job.

The charity asked MEDAEO for help in producing some premium quality medals that would form part of the race packs for fundraisers taking part in the Salisbury 5-4-3-2-1 trail. With runners free to tackle whichever distance they wanted, the medals were supplied with a variety of different coloured ribbon lanyards to denote which event each recipient had completed.

The medals themselves were die cast and finished in antique brass plating with multi-coloured enamel infill areas. The lanyards were attached with karabiner hooks enabling them to be removed and any surplus medals set aside to be used for the following year’s event. This proved to be a very high quality yet cost-effective reward that participants were proud to receive and wear.





Fire Fighters Charity